B  A  R  R  E  T  T    S  T  A  T  I  O  N

B  A  R  R  E  T  T    S  T  A  T I  O N

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Freshman:  4, 5, 6 Years

Sophomore:  7 & 8 Years

Jr. Varsity:  9 &10 Years

Varsity:  11 & 12 Years

(Age Determination Date August 1st)


Football registration fees are $100 early registration and $140 registration

(additional discounting for siblings for normal registration only)


Fees include: Jersey with name, Socks, banquet and trophy




Practice Jersey, Practice Pants, Socks, Helmet, Chin Strap, Mouth Piece,

Shoulder Pads, 7 Piece Pad Set, Cleats.



Ages: 5-13 Years

(Age Determination Date August1st)


Cheer registration is $160.

Fees include: Uniform, socks, shoes, pom pom, trophy and banquet


All Registration Fees are Non-Refundable



Practice Clothes (Shirt, Shorts, and Shoes),

and Fitted White Long Sleeve Mock Neck Shirt .



Cheer Director: Dena Hawkins - 832.731.2358

Email : dragonscheerleading@gmail.com  


BSG Form
* Required

I/We, the parent(s) of the above named participant, who is a candidate for a position on a youth football or cheer team, hereby give my/our approval to his/her child(ren) participation in any and all activities of the youth league during the current season (minicamp, spring camp or fall season).  I/We assume all risks and hazards incidental to the conduct of the activities and transportation to and from the activities.  I/We do further hereby release, absolve, indemnify and hold harmless East Texas Youth Football League, the Barrett Station Dragons, the organizers, sponsors and supervisors; any and all of them.  In case of injury to my/our child(ren), I/We hereby waive all claims against the organizers, sponsors or any of the supervisors appointed by the organization.  I/We likewise release from responsibility any person transporting my/our child(ren) to or from the activities.  I/We also grant permission to the managing personnel or other league representatives to authorize and obtain medical care from a licensed physician, hospital or medical clinic should the participant become ill or injured while participating in league activities away from home or at other times when neither parent is available to grant authorization for medical treatment.  I/We hereby certify that the child listed above has no physical disabilities which would make it dangerous for him/her to participate in ETYFL and The Barrett Station Dragons. I/we understand that once a participant has registered with a team they cannot be moved or participate with team in ETYFL unless a written release from original team is signed

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